Viking Moving and Relocation is a full service moving company based in Southern California and serving all of California along with dozens of other cities within the United States. Viking's business model is based on two quite simple yet infinitely important concepts: customer service and quality. Our goal and objective is to provide you with the absolute best, quickest and most efficient (and least stressful!) moving experience possible and in our years of business, we can honestly say that we have exceeded our goals! We are absolutely certain that once you have spoken with us and decide to entrust your moving needs to us, you will agree and join hundreds of others who we have had the good fortune to work for!

The cost for almost all local moves is based on an hourly system and is by far the best and most economic way for our customers. There are some exceptions to this such as unusually heavy items in a large volume, but almost all of our local move charges break down like this:

Viking   Viking   2 Vikings - 99/Hour

Viking   Viking   Viking   3 Vikings - 129/Hour

Viking   Viking   Viking   Viking   4 Vikings - 159/Hour

Viking   Viking   Viking   Viking   Viking   5 Vikings - 189/Hour

We do have surcharges for unusually heavy or large items (see Piano and Safe section of website), but for most homes, this does not apply. But please do let us know if you have an unusually heavy or large piece of furniture so we can come prepared.