Moving Services


The majority of Viking's work is done in Southern California with Long Beach and the Greater Los Angeles area being our busiest area. And since Viking is a full-service moving company, we are happy to do moves anywhere from simple, one-item moves (refrigerators, ovens and newly bought furniture) to full, 4 bedroom family homes.

Every week Viking performs literally dozens of single person and family relocations from Long Beach and the Los Angeles area to new places within that area and we can honestly say that we have never had a dissatisfied client!

The cost for almost all local moves is based on an hourly system and is by far the best and most economic way for our customers. There are some exceptions to this such as unusually heavy items in a large volume, but almost all of our local move charges break down like this:

Viking   Viking   2 Vikings - 99/Hour

Viking   Viking   Viking   3 Vikings - 129/Hour

Viking   Viking   Viking   Viking   4 Vikings - 159/Hour

Viking   Viking   Viking   Viking   Viking   5 Vikings - 189/Hour

Please note: Unlike many other full-service moving companies, Viking is quite pleased to offer our clients the following:

* LOW, 3 HOUR MINIMUM! Unlike most other moving services that charge 3 and 4 hour minimums, Viking has a reasonable, 3 hour minimum for our services.

* No surcharge for credit cards! Our price is the same if you choose to put your charges on your credit card, and Viking accepts all major credit cards.

We do have surcharges for unusually heavy or large items (see Piano and Safe section of website), but for most homes, this does not apply. But please do let us know if you have an unusually heavy or large piece of furniture so we can come prepared.

We also have a service charge that covers miscellaneous expenses, fuel and mileage in lieu of charging ‘drive time’ that apply to all moves.


Our next busiest area is California State with San Diego, San Francisco and all points between being the most popular. Most of these moves are a little more detailed in terms of the work involved since such moves require a little more care in how we pack and protect your furnishings and belongings. Our number one concern at Viking is making absolutely sure that your property arrives at your new place exactly as it left your old one so we take a little more time and use more material to accomplish that goal.


Finally, Viking offers full-service, long-distance moving that operates beautifully, efficiently and quite economically! As for our interstate California moves, our first priority is making sure that your belongings are packed correctly to come out of your house, into our truck and into your new place in another state. In addition, Viking has its own dedicated long-distance truck, crew and equipment to relocate you and we never contract your move to someone else. Although long-distance moves always involve a good amount of driving, they are one of our favorites as it is always rewarding to see our clients happy once their moving stress is over and they are in their new place with a big smile!