Piano and Safes

Moving a piano is a highly specialized skill that requires both an intricate knowledge of how to properly disassemble and prepare the piano along with special equipment to both protect and move it. This is especially true of baby grand and grand pianos, but less so with most upright models.

In many cases, the movers must know what NOT to do when preparing and moving the piano and this is where many discount piano movers go wrong! A piano that is improperly prepared can result in major damage, and one that is improperly moved or transported can result in serious injuries and major damage.

Correctly moving a piano that normally weighs in excess of 500 pounds is much more that having multiple movers using sheer force. Rather, it is knowing how the piano is constructed, its heavy vs light areas, and how to use the leverage that these areas give the mover to efficiently move it.

Along with a small crew of experienced piano movers, the owner of Viking is always the lead mover and always present in any piano move and has been involved in hundreds of piano moves, from the simple and straightforward to the complex and complicated!

Viking is also pleased to offer long and short-term piano storage at our facility in Whittier, California.

Please contact us if you are moving a piano and let us talk with you about the details of your proposed move and allow us to give you a pricing quote. We may not be the cheapest, but do you really want to try and save a few dollars and take your chances with a 'discount mover'?

Your piano may be the centerpiece of your home and you have certainly spent a lot of money on its purchase. Even if you do not use VIking Moving and Relocation for your piano, please seek someone who knows what they are doing!

From time to time, our movers at Viking are confronted with unique challenges in our moving services like unusually heavy or large items such as safes which range between 300 and 900 (yes 900 LBS!!) pounds. Rather than bring multiple movers which can end up costing you more money, Viking uses special equipment to move such items safely, quickly and efficiently!

Although there is a surcharge for items like safes, in the long run our clients are better served by paying a little extra for this service; sometimes paying a little extra is better than taking a chance with another 'discount' moving service who may injure you, your property or themselves.